Un creasing mesh for minimal surface

Amazing stuff, thanks Daniel!

Hi Daniel, Soap film + Tangential smoothing produces strange results here.
By contrast, using a zero length target for mesh edges is rock solid.

When can we expect an update ?

Hi @osuire,

The latest service release candidate (6.16 RC2) should have the fixed tangential smoothing in, and also the live soap goal (smoothing alone can only take you so far - to keep meshes nice during really big geometry changes you need topology updates, which is what the live soap goal is for).

Meshes of zero length springs will always be easier to work with than the soap goal though - it’s like a net of elastic bands - the handles don’t pop in the same way they do with soap films (on the other hand, zero length goal meshes don’t minimize area, or give constant surface tension like the soap goal does).

Hi Daniel, since I lost all my feathers, I quite release candidates.
I’ll just be patient until the next release.

Fair enough. By the way - are you using the scripted version of tangential smoothing I posted above? That should give good results even in the current SR, as long as the mesh is triangulated reasonably nicely to start with and isn’t changing too drastically

I’ll give it a try

I made a little definition to adjust the curvature of catenoids, in case it can be of use to someone.

P1913_MOD_190619-Torus modeling.3dm (265.3 KB)
R0040_PROG_190619_Tores.gh (17.6 KB)

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