UK based grasshopper & python opportunity

I am on the hunt for a developer that can bring an exciting new project to life. I head up the innovation team at a London based footwear company and we are after an individual that is fluent in grasshopper and ideally python (or similar). This role would be on a freelance / short term contract basis, with potential for regular additional project updates on a seasonal basis.
Feel free to contact me directly on my email below, please attach relevant examples of work.
Contact email -

Hi there,

I can help you in this.

Please check PM. Also pinged you over Skype. Please revert.

Looking forward.

Hi @leespiteri
Just wanted to say, that those are some very neat shoes! :slight_smile:

Hi to everyone that has replied and messaged me directly.

We are currently extremely busy in the office so please bear with me with a response.

A big thank you for everyone that replied to this thread, lots of really amazing talented people came back to us.

This open call is now closed. Thank you.