UI WISH: text button background custom color

We would find it quite useful to be able to define a custom color background for the text-only button appearance.
With a lot of quick custom text buttons that there is not time/need to make custom icons, it could be a great way to visually differentiate/group/categorize them with very little extra effort.

thanks for considering this.


I’m not sure I understand…

If you select a piece of annotation text, the Properties panel has a “Mask” option that does this.
I’m not sure why the mask option is not in the text creation tool. I’ll ask about that, but the ability to place a background color behind text is there now.


You can edit the background color of a toolbar button.
Ctrl+Shift click > Edit
Pick a color, select the Flood tool, click the background.

What am I missing?

hi John,

So - in the second case ( Ctrl+Shift click > Edit ).
I want to be in the Text Only toolbar button mode, and still be able to set a custom color for the "text only’ button (the text background button color). Hope this explains it a little bit better.

I imagine the UI pipeline is in place for this because mouse-over highlights the text button in different color…



Sorry, I guess I’m too thick to understand what you’re asking for.
I don’t know what you mean by “text only button”.

Please describe how you would like this suggested change to behave and operate.
What problem would it solve?

That would be a custom button that has “text only” checked…

I think Jarek wants to be able to custom color the background behind the button instead of it being the default color determined by Options>Appearance>Color>WindowColor1, 2, and 3… I would like to add my vote too, I have a lot of text only buttons.


Added Wish item:

Mitch, yes, thanks for helping out - that’s exactly what I am after.


Thanks John - I can’t see the youtrack item (no permission) but I hope this is clear now (and doable!)


Me too.

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It’s visible now, John. Thanks.

Hello All,

Reviving this discussion and wish-list item from 5 years ago with some hope this could be looked at again before the “V7 UI lock” phase is upon us…

There has been a lot of discussions here about Rhino UI, proposed/needed changes etc. - I personally really enjoy Rhino UI as-is in general and would not suggest any revolutionary changes. The ability to customize most of this + command line it great and flexible.

But this one item comes up very often as we use Text toolbars a lot, and while icons are pretty and fun to make, they are not the most efficient to prepare or readable. Or ugly! Text is elegant and quick, allows for larger buttons and meaningful names; the problem is - it all blends in quickly and eye/brain processing of all-text toolbars is hard on the eyes and less intuitive. I think the suggested ability to customize (at least) the background color of text buttons could be a low-hanging fruit of the UI improvement. I am sure this is not “easy” but can’t imagine it’s reworking the whole UI, at the same time it would allow for a lot more customization in toolbars.

Take a look at this custom toolbar sample for reducing meshes - all text, working quick and in repetition it really requires lot more concentration since it all blends in - hard to develop eye-brain wired habit for these. Having colors there would make it SO much easier…

Could it really be the “low hanging fruit” of Rhino UI improvement? For me this is one of these cosmetic changes that could make a big difference. @JohnM tagging you here since looks like it’s been sitting on your YT list…




I moved http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-31163 to 7.x. This requires a modification to the RUI reader and writer as it will need to read and write a per button color as well as to the button UI to allow a user to change the color.

Thanks John, good to know. Typically when asking for things like that we are told UI changes are not allowed or at least “frowned upon” in SRs and not major release, and this clearly would be an UI tweak with the text button edit color picker… But if you think it could be accomplished in 7.x SR it would be a very welcomed improvement to Rhino UI.