UI previously loaded. Restart Revit

Can someone please explain why do I keep getting this warning message when launching RIR?

It keeps appearing even after restarting Revit. Am I somehow launching RIR incorrectly? I’m just pressing the main RIR button on the left in the Revit ribbon.

What are your options set to?


This happens every time you open a fresh Revit session?

@Japhy Yes this happens all the time. Using Revit 2020.2.4 and the latest daily build.

I’ve tried a few Revit versions and am on the daily build as well and haven’t been able to get this error.

Does this happen if you use the Start Rhino on startup option as well?

Yes but then I get the error message as soon as I start Revit

What is listed under Scripts panel in RIR options window? Would you mind sending a screenshot?

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@parametricmonkey1 Okay here is the problem. The user script directory listed on the options window, is named Grasshopper, so RIR will try to create a panel with the same name in Revit UI but there is already one with that name.

Change then ame of that directory to something else, or remove the path if it is not wanted.

Yep, that was the issue. Thanks @eirannejad It also explains why I never say any scripts from that folder in the ribbon.

Might be good to update the error message so that it is a bit clearer so that ‘Grasshopper’ refers to the sub-tab within the ‘Rhino.Inside’ tab. (There is also a space missing in the message).