UI Polish: Option to Tempoarily Disable Snaps for Curve Boolean

Snaps are a hindrance when choosing areas is Curve Boolean. Often I have to click in small triangular areas to choose the areas I want. Most of the time, I have to disable the snaps, and then re-enable them afterwards.

A remembered option to temporarily disable snaps when choosing areas would be handy in Curve Boolean.

Dunno, mine seem to be disabled automatically here without having to do anything… --Mitch

They’re automatically disabled here too. That aside, for general disabling of snaps while picking points, doesn’t holding down Alt disable them?

The grid snaps are not disabled. I find that I almost always have to disabled them when making slotted holes that are close, and other things.

Doesn’t holding your Alt key disable snaps? I find that easier than having something I have to click if I need to disable my Snaps, temporarily.

There is some confusion here between GRID SNAP and OBJECT SNAP.
Osnaps can be suspended by holding the Alt key.

There is no similar temporary suspension of Grid Snap.
However, Grid snap can easily be toggled off/on transparently (without interrupting the current command), by tapping the F9 key.

Right, Grid snap, thanks for the tip - F9

I think the first question just said the snaps, not Grid or Object. I assumed object snaps in the context of her original question, but I see her question from 1 day ago says Grid Snaps.

I wanted a temporary grid disable because doing technical layout shutting off the grid is a pretty risky and easy thing to forget, like leaving the snap to near on. Both will ruin whatever you are working on almost as fast as accidentally messing with the units mid-drawing.

Can anyone think of a reason why would anyone need the snap to grid on while selecting the areas of a curve Boolean?

I should think that it is worthy of a temporary disable option.