UI Polish: Array Rectangular

I should like using this, but I absolutely hate the way it works.

I want to set the unit spacing separate from the over all size.

In other words, it’s way too touchy the way it is, because our mouse movements are multiplied for large arrays.

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An option to control the END of the array rather than the first instance (after source) would be good… Helps when you are trying to fill a space with an array (& don’t want to do the calc haha!)

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What I want to do is set the spacing as it is, and drag the array out by the outside corner, and not the inside segment.

Oddly, for me this is a accessibility issue. I can’t use jerky mice because my brain can’t solve positive feedback situations. What I am trying not to say is: If I had to use the array rectangle command all day, I would likely have a seizure from it.

For extra credit, it would be cool to have an option to group the result, just like the text command does.

I agree that the command is not always ultra graceful to use with large numbers - In your scenario, dragging the outside corner, would the numbers increase and decrease accordingly, is that what you have in mind, (i.e. you’ve set the spacing, that’s how I read your comment). It seems that it would be at least as useful most of the time to set the number and let the dragging determine the spacing. Sounds like two different but useful modes to me…


In from the side-line…

I constantly use the ArrayPolar command and that does exactly what I expect from it.

If I, on the other hand, need to make a linear array, I always get into problems and need to do a lot of extra stuff to make it work. Typically that would be a situation where I need copies of geometry in one direction only (but not oriented along a world axis) and where I don’t know neither the spacing nor the required number of copies until I’m done with the command.

Looking into that a bit now shows that perhaps ArrayCrv is the command that I should be using.

  • Could it have a preview option so that one can change the number of copies on the fly?
  • Could it allow for a straight line to be defined in mid-command?
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Unlike so many commands in Rhino, Array does not give the user visual feedback unless you input ALL the parameters of the command. In case you are in a display mode that hides modeling axes you have to map RGB to XYZ and then calculate the appropriate spacing value or use a precalculated one (many steps- slow and non intuitive)
It is very abstract and you have to run the command a few times to fine tune spacing in 3 axes.
The gumball is such an elegant modeling tool- it should be integrated so that we can get visual feedback during array creation.

Even the command line should be simplified- at any point if you fail to enter a value you get kicked out of the command.
Why not just present all the options that can be input at one go by clicking on the command line (basically the current confirmation prompt before accepting the command)