UI: Move menus to Title Bar?

Do you have any plans to win back this unused area? Right now it doesn’t look good nor it’s useful.
Every vertical screen space is very precious, especially if you have to work on a laptop sometimes. There is a reason why 16:10 “productivity” laptops are so popular.

It could be like that:

Other software examples:


Unreal Engine

PDF X-Change

There is also Word, Excel, and probably many more. On the other hand, Blender which has quite a custom UI doesn’t have it.


Very good to be able to do this

Yes, this Title Bar visually stands out and waste space, I would like this area to be better utilized.

i would put the entire bar away, i thought you guys (in windows) can mittigate that area with the fullscreen command?

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Interestingly, I can hide Title Bar using the command Fullscreen but can’t make Toolbars to stay visible. So it’s not possible to hide Title Bar only, but… I just made a quick search in Advanced settings and found this:
Rhino.Options.Appearance.MainWindowTitle = True. Changing it to False sort of do what I wanted - saves space. I need to get more familiar with advanced settings.

Now I must test how I can work without minimize, restore, and close window buttons and without possibility to drag Rhino window in Rhino Inside Revit. I’m afraid it will be impossible, maybe I could do that if I would have 3 monitors :slight_smile:

Eh, It will not do it with RiR, it was close, but my wish still stands.

well i dont even have that, i have a lousy (mac) native fullscreen which makes a childish swooshing effect sending my workspace into outer space prohibiting quick moves to the desktop. that is one wish i sure also have to compact rhino in a way that screen real estate is not wasted and seamlessly embedded into the operating system. there are a few discussion on discourse

looking at how recent your topic is and the amount of feedback you got here already i assume it is a rather hot wish after all.