UI layout improvements

Would it be possible to put this billboard slider someplace to the left?
Or, even better, put the (nice) tree icon and the radio buttons in one column?


It’s cut off when the panel is narrower.


Generally, Lands UI is quite on the generous side when it comes to UI real estate. Too generous sometimes.
(Will post more wishes of that kind…)
Best regards

Hi Eugen, thanks for your suggestion! Don’t hesitate to post more, they’ll be welcome.

We’ll try to reconfigure the slider position, including the single column option you suggested, with the image on the top.
Meanwhile, there is an option in Lands to use small fonts (this is, the default Windows font instead of the same font as Rhino, which is quite similar but smaller). Font size affects all controls size, so using smaller fonts will also make smaller the “tree icon” in your image, and the spacing in general. You can try whether it makes you feel more comfortable.

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