UI glitches

I’ve noticed a number of annoyances. I posted these under “PaperCuts” because they don’t hamper the modeling functionality, but I think they do need to be addressed.

  1. When you use the filter, the button on the status bar doesn’t change colour to indicate an “on” condition like the rest of them do.


  1. The OSNAPS and Filter are almost impossible to dock at the ends of the command line.


  1. The status bar info pane is quirky. I like to only show the minutes since the last save. When I uncheck the others then press enter to save, or just left click to save, the command prompt pane reverts back to the top. I also find that the settings don’t stick. I haven’t figured out yet what makes them go back to a previous setting. I’m not sure if it can be reproduced on demand, or if it’s indiscriminate.


Actually, I take that back. I see what makes it lose my settings. Just click on another button (gumball for example).


  1. When your toolbars are locked, there is an “artifact” in the lower right corner when you open a session:



Hi Dan -

Yep, I see that, thanks. Edit: no, I don’t see that in the latest build here- it does go Bold, so either Mikko fixed it in the build I just now installed, or it is not consistent…

Yep, this one is driving me crazy as well. It is on the bug tracker, http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-28886

Yep, I see that- thanks.