UI gets killed again

Not sure exactly how this happens but it does from time to time.
Multiple rhino instances open, two screens, windows in sleep mode.

Since there’s no way to fix this bug, maybe the option to manually save the UI at any time, and reload it (also manually, from any Rhino instance) would be a good workaround.

Hi -

That feature is in Rhino 8.


@wim That is GREAT to hear!

Is there any setting that the ‘UI-save’ will not include?

Hi Dave - V8 can save the current toolbar and panels layout as is on screen - this feature is not 100% done currently because it does not save the contents of, for example, new buttons or macros that do not already exist, say on another users’ installation; only the layout on screen, but I think when it is all done you should get both.



Awesome news. :ok_hand::sunglasses::+1:

So, does this include any of the following:

  • keyboard shortcuts
  • viewport colors
  • viewport modes (like a customized and re-named technical view)

Hi Dave - none of those. Toolbar and panels layouts.


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Yes, it makes sense.

Maybe I should switch to 8 at some point.