UI Freeze - Gripper and Padding Suggestions


Just opened V8 for the first time in a while. Why are the menus so chunky? Why do I need dots? I’m getting Apple 2004 vibes. V7 is so much better don’t do it.


I’d love the dots to be gone too. Happy to see them by default but please give us an option to hide them and completely remove this pixel usage from our monitors.


Rhino.UI.ThemeSettings.Frame.GripperDot (change to transparent)

There is however no control over the height of the grippers.

I don’t mind the dots, just the space they take.


I think the wasted pixel space you are talking about is mostly a visual illusion. If you overlay screenshots of v7 on v8 there is hardly any difference. If any, the vertical height of workarea has increased slightly if you use v7 arrangement.


I’m just saying it’s uglier than V7.



! … let’s see. The new design/borders maybe is giving us an illusion.

Some animated comparisons:

Top left corner, aligned with that long grey bar inside the bommand bar:
yes, pretty similar space usage, but:
2023-04-21 02_46_03-Untitled - Rhino WIP - Top
Red and green spaces not equal. Grey text on grey background, bad readability.
(And generally the dark greys combo worsened…)
Why blue bar so thick? Can we have them thinner?
Also, blue bar can be dragged over the top buttons, there is no snap/stop.

Top right corner, on V7 tabs (layers, display, etc) did have text on the same tab with icon.
On V8 text and icons are in two different rows, wasting space…
Can’t it have tabs made of icons + name like in floating toolbars? (or simply remove the text, even better)

Floating toolbars: set to minimum size, similar usage, but V8 still have that thicker border that totally feels a step back in design.
(please add snap sizing to toolbars, it’s really stupid to have to manually set pixel-precise sizes for buttons)

Since always Rhino users (apparently) did care more about functionalities than care about UI design.
Now, if even Rhino users start telling the design is getting ugly, imagine how would Rhino look to new users …


It’s just as much about visual proportion as it is about space usage. On the left, the toolbar has zero pixels between it and the edge of the window. On the right, you have a chonky chonky line which is thicker than the line that divides the viewports. And those might even be different than the border between the side menu and the top menus. There are fewer border lines in v7 and is more visually appealing.

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Not to mention how stripy the whole thing is now. if nothing else, I hope this will be fixed.


Ok, you are right. Ship it then. Thx!


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RH-74327 UI Appearance: Menu items not centered vertically

That’s possibly this one: RH-72805 UI Cleanup: TextDisabled sets more than disabled text

I’m not sure it’s the same thing.
What I meant is top bar tabs/options “File Edit View Curve …” on Rhino 7 are black text on light background, on 8 is grey on grey.
2023-04-21 13_04_58-Untitled - Rhino 7 Commerciale
2023-04-21 13_05_11-Untitled - Rhino WIP
That grey background^ would be best to be removed anywhere.
Replace the grey background color of wip with the backgroundcolor of 7 and you will remove a lot of ugly “striping” you see on the default WIP UI.

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I agree with several complaints here. I am happy with new UI. It can be better than the previous depending on eto capability which I hope is extensive.

But some gripes that persist since adoption of eto:

  1. Padding.
    There is too much padding. Palettes and panels can border directly on the viewport and each other. All the separation feels like one step removal from me & rhino. The intimacy with the software rhino usually allows is the main selling point of the programme so I am sad when rhino pushes me away like this.

  2. Spacing.
    One only needs an eye to understand. Also someone mentioned grid snapping for palettes resizing. Genius.

  3. Striping.
    Has a lot to do with the previous. Fix those, fix this.

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Yes, we’re working on it.