UI elements reshuffling - aka endless hours of fun

In my mind this is on the radar and as such I have not mentioned it - Mitch’s post made me reconsider.

I have my layer and properties tabs docked on the right side of the screen. Properties on top and layers below.

I have the following keyboard shortcuts:

F3: '-_Properties _Visible _Toggle _Enter F4: '-_Layer _Visible _Toggle _Enter
I cannot reproduce this consistently but every now and then (but way too often), when using these shortcuts to toggle the tabs on and off, one of the tabs will be parked next to the other instead of on top of each other.

This happens to me as well, without those macros - I normally have something like Properties and Display docked on top right, and Layers docked below. Periodically I get everything in one set of tabs up top plus the command help (which I didn’t ask for). Sometimes when this happens I get the Layers box floating instead of docked up top. This almost always happens when the WIP crashes, but it happens at other times too. Have to say this is pretty much why I’m not using the WIP currently.


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