UI deforms when saving

For some strange reason my rhino UI and command line distort whenever I save a file. The buttons become smaller and are packed together much more and my command line is cut off and doesn’t display all the options anymore. Here are a before and after screenshot of what I mean (PS especially notice how the command line is cut off?). Does anyone know what causes this and how I can fix it? I don’t really mind the buttons, but the command line being cut offers bothers me a lot.

PS it actually does it for opening as well, so I suppose it will happen whenever I open a browser window or something similiar.

Hi Luc - next time you open Rhino, run this test command:


Then open a file as usual - does it behave better? If so, drop that command in your startup commands (Options > General) so it always runs when Rhino starts.


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That worked brilliantly. Thank you very much Pascal!