UI consolidation - moving tabs

Hello! Some cosmetics:
When sliding a panel tab (that the right name?), it’s actually unnecessary to show the dragged tab (with the white border), plus the same tab already snapped to the next position. Also, there’s some flickering:

How about just showing the ‘end result’, without the white frame tab? Or do it as it were in R7, show the dragged tab, but hide the one in the background:

Hope this makes sense.

The way the content of the OSnap panel disappears when narrowing it looks… strange. I’d rather see the content cut off than vanished.


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No, that’s not ‘only’ cosmetics.


hi @Eugen thanks for reporting,

I added RH-77467 moving tabs around shows duplicate and flickers

RH-77468 Osnap panel content vanishes at certain widths

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