Ugly mesh edges on 3Dview + Create shapes don't support multiple colors fill?

Hi there,
I am new in using Human UI, and I would appreciate a little help.
Basically, I am trying to visualize a map of parcels with specific data colour each. Mash that goes in 3D view does not look good in window. If I try with CreateShape option, it does not support different colours.
Any advice?
Thank in advance (109.6 KB) !


Create shapes supports different colors — you can supply a list of boundaries and a list of fill colors:

The 3d view is pretty limited and not going to get better any time soon (or, probably, ever.) I strongly encourage users to take advantage of the rhino viewport for any 3d visualization, and only use the 3d view to supplement this.

Hi Andrew,
thank you for the quick reply.
I tried with both options - Create shape and Create Shapes, seems that CreateShape works, but no different colours, and Create Shape does not work at all. Not sure if I am doing something wrong… (104.0 KB)

Sorry to hear about 3dview, it looks so cool to have it all in one window, this component is awesome …