UCS in viewport Rhino


As Rhino is quite similar to AutoCAD, I was wondering if Rhino has a similar command to UCS to freely set the view to a new CPlane in the viewport. Surely there is but i can’t find it out over the web.

SetView isn’t really what I am looking for neither is the command rotateview. Aligning up to a surface isn’t either what I am looking for.

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Hi David - try Plan - is that it?


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Exactly, thank you! Should have known…

As I’m experimenting with plan, I see the Z plan is important. How do I set quickly my cplane to set direction in TOP view? Trying to use 3 points but that doesn’t work so great.

EDIT: I set the origin of cplane than rotated it on Y axis. Don’t know if I could do this in one step though.

If I’m understanding your question, right-click on the viewport name, and use the Set CPlane menu.

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