Ubisoft: The Crew: Simulator with on-demand loading from coast to coast

The debate that games are all trickery and reuse of geometry is changing. Take a look at this massive world driving game with nature, cities, landmarks, weather systmes etc:

This is what the next gen designers and architects expect to develop in.
There is no reason that Nurbs can not be expressed in the same manner. Yes, the nurbs in Rhino are meshed at higher meshcounts than game models, but optimized meshing tools and LOD together with smart tools to hide and show nurbs data can minimize that gap.

Realtime evaluation and presentation with tools like Unity is the new hot potato over here, customers and developers both want to explore in realtime, both for products, systems and architecture, so please let Rhino be part of that revolution. Because it is nothing less than a revolution, just like 3D was back in the 90’s. Exploring as one pleases to is a very different experience to watching something precalculated.

And remember that open worlds are just a fancy name for automatically updating worksessions. If a file is linked there should be no reason for the users to choose to update to the latest changes. It should rather be an option to not update automatically.