U / V direction change

Hi, where in GH are these functions (especially SwapUV)?

Some plugins have it, like Pufferfish or Lunchbox.

And without the plugin in any way? :neutral_face:

Rhino :smiley: or script it in the C# or VB component: https://developer.rhino3d.com/5/api/RhinoCommon/html/M_Rhino_Geometry_Surface_Transpose.htm

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What is the SDK? And VB? Where can I find out more about the scripts?

SDK = Software Development Kit (Archaic term used in the old days when only developers played with code).

VB = Very Bad Thing (use C#).

Other than that see attached.

Surface_RebuildTransposeReverse_V1.gh (124.8 KB)

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Added Span related info when rebuilding.

PS: Notify if you think that a far more elaborated C# (analysing surfaces) could be useful to you - most notably if you have plans to start learning how to code.

Surface_RebuildTransposeReverse_V1A.gh (127.3 KB)

Yes, I am going to study C# in the near future, the code generally well expands the possibilities. :slightly_smiling_face:

What is this for?

A = amplitude (of the demo normal vectors at u,v: [0,0], [1,0], [1,1], [0,1])

BTW: For your future C# adventures: replace the native components used with code:

Surface_RebuildTransposeReverse_V1B.gh (136.6 KB)


Cool! Thank you!