Typed in wrong device name in the validation process

Hi! When validating my licencing for thino 6 evaluation i typed in the wrong Device name above Device ID.
Now my licence i locked to a computer that does not exsist. I cannot change it because i cannot log in to the account because i am not on that Device (since it does not exsist). I am therefore stuck in limbo, and not getting anywhere. Where can i reset my details or change Device name.

Rhino is installed but crashes since i am not Connected to a Proxy server because of this error.

Did you try to go to rhino3d.com and sign into your account and see if you can there manage the Device ID or other license settings?


It looks like someone at McNeel cleared that bogus off-line validation so you should be OK to try again.

If you still run into problems, since you’re in Europe, please contact our European headquarters in Barcelona to get sorted.

Yes i did, i could not see that option anywhere.