Type size - recent update

Did something change in the last update (a few minutes ago) ? In threads the type seems to have gotten even bigger and more spaced out than before… Or is it just me that is spaced-out…? :dizzy_face:


I just updated an hour ago.

I see that the header on the post has gotten quite bit (unnecessarily and annoyingly so) larger but the body of the post seems unchanged.
Another change (I THINK it’s a change) is that there is a new but redundant item on the Forum topic page that says “All Categories” as a pulldown. As far as I’m concerned it is just an unnecessary duplication of the button in the top right corner that has three horizontal lines as an icon (which I prefer because of infrequent use. It’s out of the way).

This is what it looks like here:

I also notice that if I select the darker blue “Reply” button at the bottom of a page of posts I am asked “What topic do you want to reply to?” To which my reply is: “WTF topic do you THINK I want to reply to, dipstick?”

Steve, could you please refrain from modifying the forum code on Sunday mornings with a hangover? :wink: Or has some hacker/troll managed to infiltrate while you’re not paying attention and figured out how to modify the code?

But I didn’t get the topic question when I posted the preceding one.

Yep, that’s what I see. The “Type size - recent update” is way to big as far as I’m concerned.