Two types of rotation on Grasshopper - parametric fan

Hi there! Very new user of grasshopper here. I definitely feel in over my head!

I’m trying to model a parametric fan that both rotates this wedge type shape from the X axis by 1.5 degrees per step, and fans out so that the bottoms of the wedge (where it tapers) stay touching each other.

Here is my script (ignore the “unit Y” component")

This is how I want each wedge to be connected:

The gap is what i’m trying to get rid of.
Screenshot 2023-05-14 175345

This type of thinking is not my strong suit so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Please upload a simplified version of your GH file.
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Things would be a lot easier if you know the angle of your geometry in the first place.

Parametric (13.3 KB)