Two things I noticed when using Rooster

Hi, this is a feature request and issue notification. I really enjoy Rooster, though it has a few small flaws, so I would like to ask if it’s possible to maybe add support for being able to select not only *.jpg files, but also *.jpeg files. To add, I would like to let you know that it seems that the tolerance setting isn’t working, no matter what I set it to, it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Screenshot 2021-06-15 121901

I hope that it’s possible to add/enhance these features.
Using the latest version of Rooster on Win10 and latest version of Rhino and HG.

Thanks a lot for the plugin, I’ve been playing with it for over a week now.

Have a nice day,

Hi @ohmarinus
Thanks for pointing out the missing *.jpeg filter. I’ll let the developer know about this so that it’s fixed in the next update.
The ‘Threshold’ input is useful when there’s low contrast or detail in an image. For sharp images like graphics, text, logos etc this might not have a very noticeable difference - try using it with something like a photograph.
You can also check out this tutorial video to which covers how Rooster can be used: 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With Rhino Grasshopper! - YouTube

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Hello Praneet, thanks for the info. I am definitely using photos and not high contrast text or logos. This is why I asked, because it seems to make zero difference. I was wondering if there might be an issue with the threshold setting because of that. I don’t mind because I edit the images beforehand in an image editor anyway, and in the scripts I’m using it in, I have have a custom contrast setting built in with a couple of components. It’s kind of a pseudo-contrast setting though, but it’s perfect for what I’m doing with it.

Great to hear you’ll let them know about the *.jpeg filter, I think it will make the component much more versatile because many images are saved as *.jpeg.

I have no other issues with Rooster, other than loving it. I will check the youtube video to see if there are any things I might not know yet.