Two things I like about Rhino's rendering UI

@andy @nathanletwory (I don’t always complain :grinning:)
Here are two things I like about the Rhino rendering UI.
a) The modularity and discoverability of the Physically based material’s sections. I like how they generate visually distinct groups of settings as needed. (Blender’s material UI kind of does the same thing, but is not so neatly grouped making me feel lost).

b) The modifiers of the texture panels being in one place for each material texture.

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The main designer of the rendering UI is @andy, so all positive feedback should go to him (:

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With the introduction of Cycles, the Rhino rendering is starting to be relevant. UI and engine go hand in hand for satisfaction. Some kudos are earned from both of you. :slight_smile:

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Its nice to hear we got some things right :slight_smile:

I’m unsure what you mean by b)…could you explain what and why you like it?

In Blender they have the concept of material Nodes,which is powerful but hard to discover what to connect in each place unless you know about it. So in that paradigm, the modifiers to a texture are other nodes that you connect like Lego pieces. The problem with that concept is that it splinters the UI in multiple smaller hidden parts, requiring more UI clicks and more esoteric knowledge to get it going.