Two-step preview and prepare

Hello, Ezequiel recommended I come here.

I am building a model. It takes a while to generate the preview. It takes even longer to prepare that preview model for printing with Dendro and mesh reduce. My work flow would be to generate preview models, and then when the user wants to purchase the item it is sent to the meshing path I get an email with the processed STL.

Basically I am looking for the grasshopper definition for this example.

How do I break the modeling into a preview and process step?

It looks like you start with a 3 point arc(the 3 red dots are the points).
Get the 3 points before or after for the controls. Next you need the center axis for a revolve. a line sdl
with a z direction should work. Now you can revolve the arc around your axis. That will give you the mass.
now you can select the surface and divide it to uv coordinates. for the round parts u can divide take 3 points and make a circle. offset inside , create a surface and than add height . for the arc pieces you can have the same approach. there are many ways to do this. But Just build the base & see what you want to take and take that part in the way you see fit.

Heteroptera has a Stream Freeze/Gate component which you might find useful. Source files to the ribs table are in post below and I recommend to watch the whole webinar series to learn more how to build efficient online 3D applications.

Oh ok, boolean toggle, that is easy.