Two simple scripts to quicken my arc/ line workflow

Dear incredibly talented script programmers:

There is a workflow that I do several times a day that involves drawing a long sequence of alternating lines and arcs. The lines are polylines and the arcs are start, end, direction.

To make the workflow go quicker, I am wondering if I could get two scripts?

Here is how they would work:
I draw a simple line using the line command and select this line so it’s highlighted
I run script #1 so that I can draw an arc (start, end, direction) starting at the end of the above highlighted line and join to the above line and then leave both highlighted.
I now want to run script #2 that will allow me to draw a polyline from the end of the above arc, join to the above line and arc and leave all of the above highlighted.
I continue alternating scripts #1 and 2 to create a sequence of arcs and lines that are joined to each other.
If there is any kind soul that would do that for me, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you so much to all of you creative individuals.


I don’t know if this helps, but the command Polyline has a mode option on the command line which allows you to switch between arcs and lines while in the same command… If you work in English, you can type “m” and enter to toggle the drawing mode from one to the other…

HTH, Mitch

Thank you, Mitch. That is exactly what I wanted. In fact, even simpler: )