Two-sided material

I want to add two materials to one poly-surface.
I have used this method:

However I am only able do assign a different material to one side. What I want to achieve is one material for the edges and another for the faces.

Think: doublesided laminated plate with a plywood core.

See this video for visual explanation of the problem

You should do sub-object selection also for the other bits and assign only to that selection the material of your choice.

The way you do it in your video is overriding the sub-object material because that face is also being selected with the drag&drop method.

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Thanks for the help!
Didn’t quite understand your answer. But understood what I wanted to do was possible, but I did it wrong.

For future people googling:

  1. subselection with ctrl+shift and choosing the faces before the material.
  2. Apply materials to object (drag doesn’t work) (OBS: Apply to materials happens when right clicking the material. Lost it in frame rates in the video )
    (this worked for me)

Is there a smarter way @nathanletwory athan?

Not at the moment.

I have created a feature request for this case:

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Just wanted to make sure.

Thanks for creating the feature request. For me the dragging feels like a very natural applying method.

For the sake of completeness. Apparently the smarter way is:

@andy, did you really had to reject the proposal? I (and probably many others) have multiple keyboard layouts on windows. I have my own hybrid containing US layout with German umlauts placed so I can also type in German without having to remap my muscle memory. The default key for this in windows is Ctrl+Shift. I believe the request is valid and ctrl+shift is not very acceptable. There should be a way to toggle it. And to be able to directly drop material on sub-objects.

German keyboard layout is horrific. Every symbol is misplaced. Same goes for the French one.

I have tried this. I just cannot get to work if I want to have two faces with a secondary material. With this method I can only get it to apply on one face.

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Yes, I confirm that ctrl+shift+drag-drop material is not working as described.

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