Two Questions:Why is this happening? Render video problem? & Internal Lights render?

So I’m pretty close to finishing this exercise model. However, I’ve been experiencing this oddity in the model. Plus I have an additional question on rendering lights.

In render mode the model displays correctly, however, in Shaded mode the Chevron (blocks) are translucent and geometry is visible through the exterior face. Originally, if I opened the block as if to edit, then closed it, it displayed opaquely when returned to Shaded mode. That no longer works.

Windows 10 Pro 64
ASUS Rampage Gene III
Intel i7 930
Kingston HyperX 12GB Kit (3x4GB Modules) 1600MHz DDR3 DIMM
ATI FirePro V5900

I’ve also been playing around with lights. Are the basic Rhino lights able to illuminate from within an object? e.g. If I placed a light within the orange translucent parts, would the light illuminate out through the object and render?

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Brian James has a video “cookies and cream” which I think is on Rhino Tutorials on Vimeo. If not there its on Rhino TV. Brian shows in this video how to Illuminate a light bulb internally.

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I couldn’t find the tutorial you referenced, but I did find another on rendering. In that tutorial Rhino had a “Raytracing” viewport option. I do not have that in my Rhino 5? I that part of some plugin? In the tutorial he says he is using the built-in Rhino renderer.

The Raytraced viewport is something that I added to Rhino WIP, and will be available in Rhino 6. Is that what you are after?

Nope. Video is from 5 years ago.
He changes to Raytraced view at about 2:38

He actually changes it to the Raytraced (Neon) display mode.

Neon is discontinued (so don’t get used to it) but can still be downloaded for Rhino 5 here:

Downloaded and installed. I do not get the Raytraced option. Perhaps not compatible with Win 10?

Sorry I had the name of the video wrong. Its Milk and cookies, its on Vimeo here is the link for it. The whole video is well worth watching, I have it downloaded so I can watch it off of my computer.

Here is the link


Thanks. I searched a couple of times but couldn’t find it.

Make sure you install the 64 bit version. It should work fine on Rhino 5 64 bit on windows 10.

Yep. It was the 64 bit version.

The tutorial says it’s for Ver4 and using Brazil. I have basic Rhino. No rendering plugins. Am I to assume that the built-in Rhino renderer is not capable of rendering a light placed internally within a translucent object?

True, Neon use the Brazil features if they are present. But as they say, the technology for both are discontinued, so I wouldn’t spend a lot of time on learning them. You are better off investing in in Vray or Maxwell, or download WIP and see how far you can go with the new render engine there.