Two Question: 1. Removing panels? 2. Where are the _From and _SelU icons?


can some help:

  1. My customer has far to much panel windows on the right side. How to remove them?

  1. Where are the icons for e.g. _From and _SelU on Rhino for Mac?




for the first question go to rhino preferences/themes/ Modeling inspectors sidebar
set the number of sections to whatever you are happy with. (preferences are found in the menu Rhino next to the apple

for the second you have to select this it should be in the standard toolbar on the left side 22
its called selection then this 15 named lasso points and then you get those panels, basically the same way you showed it, if its not there he either has to scroll the tools down from what i see on that screenshot, or he has not the standard tools selected.

either way, alternatively you can use the command ShowToolPalette and choose Select Points under Tool Palette, to be sure that he finds it.

Dear @RichardZ,

that worked for my customer now, thank you very much.

And I understand that some icons are missing, I don’t find e.g. a lasso select command, which seams to be not there in Rhino for Mac.

Thanks again


Lasso is in the WIP and will be in the upcoming 5.4 update.

Here’s a list:

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