'two point camera' issues

This happens very often:
when I have a display set to two points camera the image saved doesn’t represent what’s on the screen.
Saved image comes as regular perspective, out of focus or doesn’t come at all (white).
Two point camera is messing also with Human’s print text to screen in Grasshopper resulting the text being in any location but chosen.

Hello - how are you saving the image?



Hello - so far this appears to work here - if you have a simple case where it does not, can you please post it? Ideally just a box…


I will send you later the file I am working on. Don’t get easy with a box…:sweat_smile:

File has been sent to tech.

Hello - thanks, I have the file - which viewport are you capturing? There are two viewports called View 2 and neither opens in 2 point perspective…
Here, both capture correctly if switched to 2 pt. All the named views, so far, work at 3000 x 2000 …

@Piotr - your comment in the email implies it may not always happen, even at your end, is that correct?


Views 5 to 9 are two points only.

True. There is no rule to it, nor camera settings except when it does, camera is always set to 2-points.