Two parameter input in fly-component

I made a simple box in grashopper, with several parametic values such as roomhight, orintation and so on.

I have simulated with the fly-component for a while, where I just plugged in one parameter slider to wich I have written an specific expression, so it would not simulate for any given value on the slider.

My problem is now, that I would like to put in two sliders at the time in order to make my simlations faster. I have to do all combinations of the parameters, so it would take a long time otherwise.

When I input two sliders, it shows this starter on the picture:

I clik yes, but nothing is happening.

Hope you can help me!

Best regards Rikke Hansen - Denmark (sorry for my english)

I will just add the grahopper file I’m using so you can see what is going on in there :slight_smile: (657.5 KB)

Hi Rikke, it looks like this is using Ladybug/Honeybee. If so you’re probably better off asking on its dedicated forum: