Two (or multiple) Rhino Instances with different schemes

I can’t seem to get two Rhino instances running concurrently with two different schemes.
Is there a way to achieve this ?

What happened is when another Rhino instance loaded with different scheme, it automatically attempt to close the other instance, or itself if the other is busy.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Rhino instance with default scheme (instance A)
  2. Create another Rhino shortcut with a new scheme.
  3. Start using the new shortcut. (instance B)
  4. Rhino instance A will attempt to close itself, only prompts if there is unsaved changes.
  5. Rhino instance B will attempt to close itself if instance A is busy.

Occasionally there are some delay between step 4, and step 5.

Windows 10.
Rhino Version 7 SR6
(7.6.21127.19001, 2021-05-07)


From this post Lost license I can confirm that Google Drive is not running.
Possibly something to do with Cloud Zoo licensing?
This dialog appears every time I switch scheme and the other instance closes immediately before the dialog, and after I respond.

Hi Tony -

I have been running 3 different schemes of Rhino 7 and 3 different schemes of Rhino 8 for a long time now without any issues.

I’m assuming that this is the problem - please update to the current version, which is 7 SR11.
Does that make a difference?

I’ve updated to Rhino SR11. Same issue.

I realised my instructions in original post did NOT cause the issue, unless I import settings from one of the corrupted scheme.

Seems like something is wrong with my scheme settings. These settings have been ex/re-import since Rhino 5 :sweat_smile:

Found out that my default settings settings-Scheme__Default.xml file was corrupted. Not sure how it came about.

Solution was deleting the xml file and reimport my settings using OptionsImport.