Two monitors

Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to use two monitors in Rhino. I want to use perspective view on a second monitor, enlarged. It’s possible?

Rhino W10.

Use command New Floating Viewport, move it to the other screen and double click to enlarge.


Thank you for your help. Is it possible that this new view is a copy of the view that remains on the first monitor, moving in the same way?

It is down to synchronizing the views. It is also doable in Rhino.
The only thing it can’t repeat is exact configuration of individual shading modes per element

Make sure your display adapter is up to the task.

For good performance you want at least 4 GB of VRAM per standard resolution monitor, or 8 GB of VRAM for each high resolution monitor you’ll be running.
That means you’ll need at least between 8 and 16 GB for your setup.

You can run with less VRAM, but the performance suffers and other display oddities are more likely.

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Hi @Piotr
There is the hidden gem of TestMooCow, that let’s you sync two viewports.
HTH, Jakob


Holy Cow! Nice trick but a killer for performance.
(Still can’t copy individual shading properties.)

that’s a huge command! I’ve been looking for that for a long time to record tutorials or speed modelings on a single viewport. thankyou!