Two men walked into a bar

Look what happens when two designers get together for a drink during a snow storm. Steve Boa and Sean Kieley, both experienced 3D designers, pull out Rhino, design the ‘ultimate mini squeegee’, and launch it on Kickstarter.

You can back this project and have your very own Squee-Kee-Kleen.

  • $16 The Squee-Kee-Kleen “Limited Edition” Kickstarter Green.
  • $17 The Squee-Kee-Kleen Auto version, in black. Includes refillable bottle with -30 degree windshield washer fluid.
  • $18 The Squee-Kee-Kleen Color in one of the five translucent colors that you choose, also with the refillable bottle.
  • $ 66 The Squee-Kee-Kleen Set. One each for the car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, boat, and the house. Or gifts for your friends.

More information in Kickstarter . . .

Posted Sep 27, 2013 by Sandy McNeel on Rhino News, etc.