Two digital workshops at ENSAPM, Paris-Malaquais Architecture School - Videos

During two one-week workshops, the 2nd year students of the Architecture School of Paris-Malaquais experimented with immersive multi-user architectural conception with Grasshopper, DixieVR* and Oculus Rift DK2 headsets.

Videos illustrating the projects developed during the two digital workshops:

  • 1 week workshop led by Clément Gosselin & Léo Demont - video
  • 1 week workshop led by Nathanaël Dorent & Mathieu Venot - video

*DixieVR is a free software developed by Oswald Pfeiffer and Mathieu Venot at Paris-Malaquais during two years of academic research. DixieVR Facebook page.

Posted Oct 18, 2016 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.