Twisting a connector

Hi There!

One quick question: How can I twist the connector shown in the picture below while retaining its functionality?

The hole in which the rod is inserted gets deformed when I use the “twist” command.

Is there a way to keep the shape of the hole, I`d really like to do some non-orthogonal connections ;D

Thanks in advance!

I think you’ll need to model each one individually.

It might be possible to dream up a Grasshopper definition that would work if you come up with a strategy for modeling them that would work at any angle.

If you’ve got a bit of the shape between the holes that can twist, you might be able to do this with a cage edit if you use enough cage points-

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Unfortunately my grasshopper-skills aren’t quite sophisticated enough to make that work I think.

Thanks anyway!

Cage edit works just fine, thanks a lot Daniel!