Twisting a bent bar

Haha, np, I’m a quite patient person by nature :slight_smile: I can imagine looking over this because it is not what you expect to happen

Okay, Gijs. Have you been able to test this with any machinery to see if we’ve found the solution? I had begun to question the solution that I found before but haven’t had a chance to really test it which is partly why I wanted to build a tool in GH to do so.

@Joe4 well, I made a script that builds a helix based on a square profile (made this for a client that bends mainly railings for yachts) and reports back needed twist based on the info in the thread I posted and ever since they seem to have had no complaints :wink:

Okay, folks. See what you think of this. (13.9 KB)
I think I’m getting somewhere finally. I had a time finding something that the twisting module liked for a line, but finally got it. I need to add in a slider to set the angle of twist and increase the number of lines and make the length work out right. But basically this does what I wanted so I can try different angles.