Twisted rope

Hi!!! I have to create a twisted rope, following a specific path, later… it’s rather easy to create the twisted cabe straitgh, by assembling three longs cylinders, very thin, and using the twist command, although after four or five turns, the command seems to “stop” to twist, in fact…But the min problem is that, once I have that group of twisted cylinders, if I deform it to curve the shape, the tiny segments get distorted, not equals, and that doesn’t work!..
thank you for any solution, or help!!!

You can input an angle value at the command line, for example 3600 for 10 twists…

I don’t know what is happening there, normally using Flow and flowing the straight twisted cylinders from their centerline to a freeform curve works reasonably well. You might post an example of your problem.

Just for amusement, attached is a Grasshopper definition of a twisted rope generator I built awhile back… You just need to reference the form curve and adjust the options and sliders to suit. It can get a little slow with lots of strands/sections…

–Mitch KB)