Twisted loft

Hello! Please tell me how to get rid of twisting a loft? (127.0 KB)

Right click on Loft ‘O’ (Options) input and check ‘Align sections’.

Thanks! Can this be done at the level of the curves themselves?

I don’t know how you created these curves in the first place but they are not identical (why not?), not in sequence (why not?) and not evenly spaced. Rebuilding the curves isn’t necessary or helpful.

Yes, the curves were created in a third-party program. I would like to establish the order of their starting point

Out of your control then? Cleaning up messes is dirty work, it doesn’t interest me, sorry. I prefer to avoid situations like that in the first place.

Thanks anyway

Here’s a cleanup method that uses only one of the original curves: (131.5 KB)

Thank you, in principle, this is a solution