Twisted Box Tube Variable parameter problem

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a problem getting consistent behavior with Twisted Tube parameters. It seems that the Twisted Box Tube (Variable) behaves as if it’s Weighted flag is always on.

I have a line with parameters generated by the z locations of points. The screenshot shows both the twisted box tube variable component and a twisted box curve variable for reference, using the same input parameters, notice the difference.

The next screenshot shows that toggling the weighted flag on the curve component makes it display the same behavior. Toggling weighted on the Tube components makes the effect more pronounced, as if applied double.

Attached you can find the grasshopper code as well.

Am I missing something here or is there something going wrong in the components? Any help or feedback would be much apprectiated! (13.9 KB)

I don’t like bumping posts, however I will do it once here. I would like to know if anybody else either:

1: Encountered this issue as well
2: Solved it
3: Found a workaround

Since I don’t like wasting anybody’s time this will be my last post in this thread if no replies follow.
Thanks for any feedback anyway. :+1: