Twist function - I'm totally out of ideas :(

hi. first of all im new with grasshopper… I want to twist those rail things like the reference image… how can I do this? the line should be in a sinus curve on the surface…

Please post your GH file with the relevant geometry internalized.

thanks so much!!!

Geländer.3dm (2.3 MB)
gelä (13.3 KB)

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Does that look like what you wanted?

gelä (20 KB)

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yes!!! and how could I define the line where the smallest twist point is… so is that possible? cause I want to have it in curve… you know what I mean? - and really thanks for your time!!!

ok i ve seen that it is also a question of the angle but in case I ve a small one and I would like to have only one twisted point on curve I could define…

gelä (21.4 KB)

looks great!.. one last question is left : could I influence the angle of the bottom shape… I would be really nice if that is every time 90 degree… you know what I mean…? so that the ‘base’ on the bottom has no twist…

Just rotate the base plane of Rectangle 90 degree…

gelä (18.3 KB)

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yeah what I was meant is 45 degree to that… is it than an other number before pi?

or not 45… 90… to that

so every single thing in the perp frames direction…sorry for asking that details

It looks like you’re not even trying to understand the code you have received so you can modify it yourself.


so also thanks for that comment - im really thankful - cause I m very under time pressure - for that help I became and I had the feeling nobody is forced…and you are right it takes also time to understand and its my goal