Twist component is not displayed

Grasshopper’s twist component is not displayed. Please tell me how to display it.

Why don’t you try uninstalling and reinstalling Rhino?

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Thank you for your advice. I reinstalled it, but this component did not appear. unifymesh is also.I’m using Rhino ver 5. Maybe it’s because the version is old. It would be helpful if someone using grasshopper with Rhino ver 5 could give me some advice.

I assume that since twist became a standard tool in Rhino 6, it is not available in Rhino 5.
Please update to the current Rhino8 or try the evaluation version.

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Thank you for your advice!. I’m planning to upgrade Rhino.

There was a twist component in the Jackalope plugin, but it’s not on Food4Rhino anymore


Thank you for answering. I couldn’t open your file ‘.gha’, I’m planning on updating rhino.

Did you unblock the file?

PS: I deleted it in my previous post

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If you can read Japanese, the following link may be helpful.


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I was able to display “twist” with your advice! thank you.

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Hi @竹浪_祐介,

See if this works for you. (62.3 KB)

Unzip zip it and move the .gha file into your Grasshopper components folder. You’ll also need to unblock it - right click on the .gha file in Explorer, pick Properties and check “unlock”.

– Dale


Hi @dale , thank you for your advice. Thanks to everyone’s help, all my problems were solved!