Twist Command

Is it possible to use the Twist command in Grasshopper? I have two curves and I want to twist them like I would with Rhino.

Also, why are there a lot of Rhino commands missing from Grasshopper?

Grasshopper currently doesn’t have Twist as a deformation tool. Taper and Bend are missing as well, as are the more esoteric ones such as CageEdit, Splop and Maelstrom.

See this response about why there isn’t a 1:1 overlap between Rhino and GH.

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If you search around the GH Forum you can find ways and means of doing things like this within Grasshopper. Here’s something that might help:

Thanks @DavidRutten (and @dannyboyesiom). I know I have a lengthy personal wishlist for v6 along with everyone else, but the more I learn about Grasshopper, the more I see the true potential of Rhino. As an outsider, resources spent improving the Rhino Core are purely iterational, while resources spent on Grasshopper are exponential.

I’m not sure why there is only one developer devoted to Grasshopper, but the potential energy waiting to be unleashed is astounding. For now, my Grasshopper workflows are being segmented and marginalized by the missing commands.

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