Twist and offset ends of a ring

I am having trouble making a ring where the band is twisted and the ends are offset to be able to build a platform for a stone. The other end is tapered to a point and soldered to close the ring.
My problem is joining the end where there is not stone to the end holding the stone.
Can anybody help-? Please?

Alaia Ring.3dm (218.3 KB)

Duplicated thread:

But this time with a .3dm file.


The image did not upload. Please upload separately. No need to start another thread. Either upload in a reply in this thread, or edit your first post in this thread and upload it there.

How did you create the ring in the .3dm file you uploaded? Did you use a centerline curve? If so was that curve closed?

I created the ring you saw on the .3dm as follow:
1_ square section extrusion
2-twist that extrusion 360 degre
3- flow along surface that twisted extrusion onto a round surface in the shape of a ring.
4- delete the surface ring and keep the twisted one.
My question is : how to offset one end away from the other, and once offset, how to make the end pointy " like the tail of a snake?

Not 100% sure what you want but here is maybe something that can help you

Thank you so much. Your input is very appreciated. Excellent
Thank you again