Tweener's License is Expired!

Hello everyone!

I just downloaded “tweener” from both PackageManager/food4rhino, but I’m facing a “License Expiring” Error!

How can I find and download the updated version of tweener?! Even in the link mentioned in packageManager was no download Link!

@mathias.fuchs I’m not sure if this is the correct account to mention, so if I’m wrong can anyone help me find a way? :pray: :pray: :pray:

Thanks a lot

Hello - probably best to just contact the developer via


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Thank you Pascal,

Yes, I’ve already checked that link from rhino PackageManager but there was no specific link or explanation to download the latest version afte 2nd of June! except an address which I think it’s for messaging them and write about our project! Is that what you mean?

Hi -

If @-mentioning him like you did doesn’t have an effect, yes, you’ll have to use that mail address.

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Hello Mehrzad. Tweener author here. Did you try to write me? … the support email address is
Thanks for your interest in tweener.
I can extend the trial version duration for you but I would ask you to provide me with some feedback how you use tweener! For instance, do you use command line or toolbar? Do you use the 2d tweener or the surface tweener? Do you have a screenshot?
Those information would be extremely helpful for the further development!
I’ll probably be able to put up an extended duration version on Monday.
Thanks and cheers, Mathias

Thank you Mathias.

It’s so great to read your message here. Actually, I wasn’t at my computer till now and wanted to write to you If you didn’t have time to check my post here.

I’ve heared about “Tweener” couple of weeks ago and found it very useful for my thesis project landscape design! I want to use the 2D tweener to create some consetration locations for users. I’m going to send you a test image I made with other samples I found here, done with mesh and … But using just curves will be faster and lighter as I know.

Your messgae and support means a lot.
With regards,

Great, thanks for the message, @mehrzad_samadi . Also, do you use AddControl? Or FishEye? If yes, which one more than the other? Are you happy with the functionality as it is or do you need Grasshopper? I’m not getting any “usage statistics”, that’s why I need all these information from users to help with the development. As long as I get that kind of feedback, I can extend the free period.
Once you’re at your computer, feel free to write to my email … Thanks, Mathias

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Thanks again Mathias,

I’ve sent an email to the address link you mentioned yesterday, with a bit more detailed notes. I hope it reaches you… :pray:


To anyone reading this later: in case of problems with Tweener, please write me - mf