TweenCurves improvements... for V6


  1. Bugfix - if no curves are preselected, when selecting the start curve, it does not stay highlighted (flashes too briefly to see).
  2. Add the possibility to create the tween curves on the current layer. Right now they go to the layer of the first curve picked.
  3. If the original curves are polylines, an option to simplify output so that the tween curves produced are also polylines. Options “None” and “Sample points” produce degree 1 NURBS curves currently, so those are editable like polylines. However the “Refit” option produces kinked degree 3 curves, if you start editing them, everything goes south…


Hi Mitch, got that, thanks.


Mitch, how should the layers be specified? - ‘FirstInput’, ‘SecondInput’, and ‘Current’ ?


I would make it simple:

Boolean toggle OutputLayer=Input/Current.

If Input is chosen, it works like Boolean operations, the result goes to the layer of the first picked object or most recent one if both are window selected…