TweenCurve with Curve end following

see attached.

I want to create two intermediate curves and use TweenCurve.

  1. select red rail and divide 3 segments
  2. select tweenCurve and pick the two curves and choose 2
  3. find that the tops dont correspond to the red rail, also in fact the bottoms travel straight.

Can one pick the rail and say TweenCurve along the red rail ?

as it is I will have to alter the perfect tweens and I dont like F10 and moving the end point to snap to the new point on the red rail as technically its bending out the curve at the top.

What is the best way of uniformly moving a curve over to make the end match up ?

scale 1d would alter the bottom which I dont want. more of a rotate maybe and rotate the control points of the curve above the base.

The other day I had projected a line to two surfaces , you get two lines of course, then join said can’t, they were too far apart, 1mm, so in a crude fix I took one resulting curve and hit F10 then dragged the control point at its tip to meet up 1mm away with the other line, but it bent out a bit to do so ! I would have liked to have had a smoother transiton to its new end !

sub question…What is the best way to shift top of a curve to meet up with another point or curve ?


Nothing attached…

Check out the command Match (curve)…