Tweencurve sample point value reset

Hi All,

i had 2 curves and wanted to “tweencurve” them to achieve one curve. Default for tween was refit at that moment and result was not good for the job so i switched to samplepoint which had a value of 10. value 10 did not result good so i typed 100 then may be some more zeros and now just this command crashes. :slight_smile:

is there a way to reset that value?

Thank you

I am not sure - but you can try to delete or modify the default setting:

see also here

this is just a guess - so be careful and make a backup of the file before delete or modify it.
If your frightened - it s maybe better to wait for an answer of the mcNeel team

@pascal how to reset the default command setting ?

kind regards -tom

Hi Rasim -

I don’t see any crash reports from your eMail address. Are you sending those in?

Apart from that, I tried typing 100 with some zeros and that went fine, then tried 100 with more zeros and then Rhino simply exited that command.

Have you tried changing the settings when 2 simple lines are selected?
Which version of Rhino are you running?

Hi Rasim -

the match method should reset between sessions - or does it crash when you try to use the SmaplePoints option?