Tween objects (blocks)?

Is there a command to interpolate objects?

Lets say i have two identical blocks and i want new blocks to be interpolated between those two original.
I can think of grasshopper way through this but maybe there is a direct way.


sth like this

Hello - there is nothing in plain Rhino that will do this.


Ok i will do this in grasshopper. But i think it could be useful and good addition to tweencurves and surfaces.
I think it could only be used directly for blocks because they have coordinate system which can be interpolated easily. Basic objects dont know which are their reference planes, or maybe user could define reference and target plane. I am just thinking out loud.

simple enough:

now i can try grasshopper player for the first time and make this script my everyday command.
i think it might be the most powerful tool ever. everybody will just create their own tools and that will be it.

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OK my excitement lasted three seconds.

no way to get blocks… elefront can do it so should native component