Tween Curves Geometry not Showing in ShapeDiver

Hi! I am using tween curves to create a series of lines to be manipulated with inputs; the grasshopper definition shows the geometry perfectly in rhino but the second series of tween curves is missing when I view in ShapeDiver.

I couldn’t reproduce the issue and I need a bit more information to find out what went wrong there. Could you post a minimal Grasshopper definition that produces this?

Yes! Here is a small section producing the same results: (12.8 KB)

Hi, it is becasue your Breps are not internalized in Split With Breps. When you upload to Shapediver it doesn’t know what those Breps are. Just as when I open your file on my computer.


Thank you so much!! I thought I had internalized everything but I forgot about the breps I used to split. I am new to grasshopper and Shapediver and am still getting the hang of the work flow. I appreciate your quick and helpful response! Cheers!

You can also check our video tutorials to learn more about Grasshopper and ShapeDiver:


Thank you! That was a great intro.