Tween curve from NURBS Curve

Hello all,

I am fairly new to grasshopper, and wanted to ask for your help and/or guidance for this file i want to create.

My aim is to generate a set of random curves, tween them, and used the curves generated, to get control points which I can move in Z, and generate arcs. After multiple tutorials and several days searching the web I have come to two separate definitions which I am having trouble to combine into one.

The second part works well with hand drawn curves, which can be selected manually, but this defeats the purpose of parametric design.!

Capture|690x274 (17.6 KB)

Looking for something like this? (15.1 KB)

HS_Kim, yes, thank you.

Also looking to learn grasshopper.

What was wrong with the way I approached this task? And why couldn’t I “connect” my two definitions?

I’m sorry for all the questions, and very grateful for all the help, just looking to imrpove.


I usually don’t recommend people who want to learn GH to try combining definitions created by someone else without knowing the details.
Grasshopper is a graphical algorithm editor, so you can see the flow of data step by step clearly. Just follow the data flow and try to understand the roles of each component with patience. That’s all I can advise you…